Vyzygoth-”Beyond The Grassy Knoll”



Keith Hanson a/k/a “Vyzygoth” redefined web-based talk radio with the original “Grassy Knoll” show— a “bare knuckles”  approach to the truth about conspiracies and the “way things really are” that continues with the incarnation of “Beyond…”

February 13, 2009-”A la Carte Christianity”-Vyzygoth’s Beyond the Grassy Noll-Randy Maugans Interview

November 27, 2008 -“Snooze With Views”-Vyzygoth’s Beyond The Grassy Knoll with Randy Maugans

Update: R.I.P. Grassy Knoll



In April 2009 Vyzygoth ended all broadcasting and communications with a brief note on the website.The site closed on April 17, 2009. The “Grassy Knoll” is CLOSED. The Archive for the shows will continue at:  http://thinkorbeeaten.com/theknoll/


Website: Vyzygoth’s Beyond The Grassy Knoll

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