Exotica-UFO Ultimate Reality with Norio Hayakawa

by on October 14, 2010

Exotica-October 14, 2010-Randy Maugans with Norio Hayakawa

Veteran UFO researcher, Norio Hayakawa,on Dulce bases, UFO chasing, and the “perception” of the UFO phenomena…

Former director of the Civilian Intelligence Network, a loosely-knit citizens’ watchdog group on government accountability and network of researchers, investigators and intelligence gatherers whose primary focus was on the government’s Black Budget Programs at locations such as the operating base at Groom Lake, Nevada (Area 51).

After more than 45 years of researching the UFO phenomenon, he says that a conditioning of belief systems has been orchestrated since 1947 by a manipulative force that is preparing mankind for a near future mysterious scenario. Both Area 51 and Dulce, New Mexico will play a role in that scenario.
On this show Norio reveals, for the first time, that he has learned that well-know UFO and alien researcher, Anthony Sanchez, has withdrawn his book, “UFO Highway”, after he expressed a “loss” which forced the cancellation of the book’s December release.
Norio’s website: http://noriohayakawa2012.blogspot.com/

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2 Responses to Exotica-UFO Ultimate Reality with Norio Hayakawa

  • Dave says:

    Very well done interview. This, in my opinion, is the definitive show that has been done regarding UFO’s on internet radio. I appreciate the honest, hyperbole free views of Mr. Hayakawa and respect his input given his tenure in researching this subject.
    I like the fact that he is honest and to say “we” don’t know exactly what these “things” are but niether does the Govt. even though I think that they have an idea and are playing with fire. The manipulation of information and misdirection reagrding spiritual/dimensional intrusion vs black project aircraft is a valid point and Mr. Hayakawa is very asstute to point this out.
    Having listened to the Jerry Pippin interview I find it interesting that Mr. Sanchez’ book is being held back. I do however see a link on his page for an ebook version that appears to be downloadable at the present time. Hmmmmm.
    The possibility of coersion and threats regarding the release would certainly be a reasonable assumption if there is truly exposing information about enviromental or human crimes taking place at this supposed location, but at the same time there have been so many hucksters in the UFO community it makes one consider the possibility of pre-release hype and promotion.
    Finally, While I understand that this show is a seperate entity from the Threshing Floor and with a different purpose, I think this show shows that there is and can be investigaton into UFO matters by a follower of Christ, that is not fluff, speculation and hype. This is professional level material without the hawking of wares, books and confrences. Thankyou for that.

  • randymaugans says:

    Really, no one but believers can investigate this. Most of the investigators of paranormal/conspiracy phenomena are in thrall of what these forces represent. Many are waiting for the “strange gods”, i.e.-Daniel’s “god of forces”. something VERY real is going on…but it is not what almost anyone believes and the deception will trap millions of souls.

    Being separate from the show, Threshing floor, allows me to bring on people who are credible even though they have no profession of faith—or a faith that we would consider pagan. Oddly, many of these people “get it” when it comes to what’s really shakin’. I also see this as an outreach to those in the occult as I develop a sincere relationship with them. I will also note that my friend, Ronnie McMullen does real fine work with his “UFO Encounters Live” show.

    I believe the information in the Sanchez book will come out even if the book does not. we will see if Sanchez is on the level; I tend to believe he is and the circumstances are another attempt to silence details not favorable to “their” agenda.


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