Exotica-Final Events with Nick Redfern

by on October 27, 2010

Exotica Radio Show Podcast-October 27, 2010-Randy Maugans with Nick Redfern


Author and paranormal researcher, Nicholas Redfern joins us for a look into bizarre connections between a shadowy government military-intelligence group called the “Collins Elite”, and the ET/UFO phenomena which they believe to be directly “demonic”.

Using direct  information supplied to Nick by former MUFON investigator and Anglican priest, Ray Boueche; in what can best be termed a vast right-wing religious conspiracy, the group upholds the US is threatened by an imminent Satanic threat, and the country should be locked down under martial law and the citizenry placed under strict Old Testament Law to thwart the “soul snatching” plans of the demonic horde.

These beliefs, by the Collins group, are largely tied to their investigations into the activities of Aleister Crowley and Jack Parsons‘ and the “Babalon Rising” ritual instituted by Crowley and Parsons, along with L. Ron Hubbard in the mid-1940s. (See our interview.“911 And the Crowley Code” with author William Ramsey for more on this.)

Under the scenario outlined by the group, the American Constitution would be revoked and the nation placed under a type of Biblical Old Testament theocracy/surveillance state with closed borders and severe penalties for interacting with the “demons”.

The Collins research also delves into the work of experiencer/researcher,Dr. Karla Turner; and references the early (40 A.D.) works of Emil Schneweis‘ “Angels and Demons According to Lactantius, as well asEdward Langton‘s 1949 work. “Essentials of Demonology”, and many other seminal works related to demonic/spiritist apparitions.

How ominous are the events reported by Nick regarding this potential theocratic takeover? Are factions of the U.S. government committed to the notion of a lock down and forced conversion to Abrahamic-style nation-state? What is the REAL deception in the ET/UFO paradigm? We find out…

Chris Knowles’ Interview-”Final Events: Interview with Nick Redfern



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One Response to Exotica-Final Events with Nick Redfern

  • Vickie Jacobs says:

    Thank-you Randy,
    The deeper we get into “darker levels” of the other side the more it is going to take our getting into God. These are going to really try us and that is why the Lord said….”he that overcometh, …hold fast, he that hath an ear, hear” what is going to happen and happen quickly. We will be tried physically and spiritually. Some won’t make it. I know that you have brought out the deception from the spiritual side. I would say there are some that kind of see both sides and one is Greg Bacon who’s webb sight is http://www.careandwashingofthebrain.blogspot.com. Hope you don’t mind me putting forth these webb sights.

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