Fatal Flaws of Logic

by Randy Maugans
with contributions from Keith Hansen (a/k/a “Vyzygoth”)

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Fatal Flaws of Logic – Part 1-The Setup

Fatal Flaws of Logic – Part 2-The Volley
Fatal Flaws of Logic – Part 3-TheThrust
Fatal Flaws of Logic – Part 4-Vyzygoth Responds

constitutional corp

The subject of the March 6, 2010 Watchmen Live show seemed straightforward enough: “Corporate entities and legal “persons”; the United States as a corporate extension of Great Britian…” Subjects my co-hosts and I have discussed together, and separately, for several years. So it came as a surprise when Paul Collins, half of the Collins Brothers writing team and guests of many radio shows (including Threshing Floor and Vyzygoth’s “Grassy Knoll” shows), fired what can only be called an unexpected salvo at the presentation therein:
Author : Paul Collins (IP: , rrcs-96-11-240-242.central.biz.rr.com)
E-mail : thecollinsbros@yahoo.com

There are some severe flaws in this presentation. Instead of presenting conspiracy fact, we have more patriot mythology here that started with Roger Elvick’s Redemption Movement.
There is a big difference between possessing a corporation and being a corporation. The United States owns a corporate status, but it absolutely does not exist as a corporate entity. The corporate status exist merely to make representing the United States of America easier in a court of law. You can’t drag everyone in America into a courtroom, so the corporate status is merely for practicality.
A natural person and a legal person are not separate from one another in court. The collection of the United States Code includes both a natural person and a corporation under the category of person.

These sort of myths were designed to radicalize people, and they work. Elements of the Redemption Movements beliefs can be found in the Freeman movement, the militia movement, and the patriot movement.

Does anyone check their sources anymore?

In this initial comment (posted at the Watchmen Live website), Collins managed to construct an out-of-context, highly nuanced thread out of material that was not presented, or even implied, in the course of the show. As I pointed out repeatedly to Mr. Collins in private emails: none of the hosts have, at any time, discussed or even tangentially espoused, the work of Roger Elvick, the Freemen, or the Redemption Movement to which he alludes. It must also be said that, aside from the flawed logic Collins attempts to scale, the tactic which most comes to mind in his little polemic is tantamount to intellectual scapegoating.
Paul Collins, along with his brother, Phillip can best be described as hyper-literate investigators into “suppressed history and the shadowy undercurrents of world political dynamics.”  The Collins’ dense presentations of arcane socio-political intrigue would  lead one to believe they are consummate researchers, and dispassionate presenters. But, as this brief opus unfolds, we shall see that Mr. Collins is, in certain areas of inquiry, a biased demagogue and willfully ignorant of critical details.

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R.I.P. Grassy Knoll

by Randy Maugans

R.I.P. Grassy Knoll

“…baby, everything dies that’s a fact
maybe evertything that dies some day comes back…”-Bruce Springsteen, “Atlantic City”


Keith Hanson a/k/a “Vyzygoth” redefined web-based talk radio with the original “Grassy Knoll” show— a “bare knuckles”  approach to the truth about conspiracies and the “way things really are” that continued with the incarnation of “BeyondThe Grassy Knoll” in February 2008.


In April 2009 Vyzygoth ended all broadcasting and communications with a brief note on the website.The site closed on April 17, 2009. The “Grassy Knoll” is CLOSED. The Archive for the shows will continue at:  http://thinkorbeeaten.com/theknoll/

Our visits on the Knoll are preserved on the host archive page.