The Army Formerly Known As Blackwater… by Randy Maugans

by Randy Maugans

Tags: blackwater, xe, prince, symbolism

“It’s the same old song, but a different meaning since you been gone..” -Edward Holland,Jr.,Lamont Dozier& Briand Holland-1965-Performed by: The Four Tops

In the early to mid 1990′s the rock artist, Prince, changed his performing name to that of a cryptic, unpronouncable symbol in protest to a dispute with Warner Bros. records

Re branding is a common ploy in the modern corporate world, but it came as no surprise that Blackwater International changed its name and colors in a hailstorm of bloody controversy and lawsuits.

Now another Prince—Erik, Blackwater’s founder had morphed his corporate army into an amorphous entity with the cryptic name “Xe” (pronounced “zee”) and a new icon to replace the menacing bear paw in omega shield brandished in Irag, Afghanistan, and better torture spots around the globe.

The new logo, which seems to have for now, vanished from the websites resembles nothing less than a highly stylized version of a very old mystical symbol, the ouroboros—the snake eating its tail—an ancient symbol associated with Hermeticism, Gnosticism, and ancient occult lore in multiple cultures. We will also note the symbol took on modern cult allusions in the form of the logo for the shadowy, mystical private intelligence agency, the Millenium Group from the late 1990′s TV series, Millenium.

A close look at the green/blue/black symbol also reveals a letter “S” in the negative white space of the logo—perhaps a cryptic identifier for the serpent, the scorpion?

Whether this new icon sticks, it appeared in early press released from the morphing corporation—associate freely. They DO like to use symbols to tell us dark truths