Book Review: “The Transformation Of The Republic” by C.T. Wilcox

Reviewed by Randy Maugans

The Origins of the Religious Hi-Jacking of the American GovernmentAnd The Truth Behind the Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln by C.T. Wilcox, Veracity Publications
ISBN 0-9739570-0-X
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“…an historical smoking gun that fills in crucial gaps in the narrative of the plot to murder President Lincoln—it connects the dots of a conspiracy long suppressed by deliberate historical revisionism.”

“The Jesuits killed Lincoln and buried the evidence. But just as water seeks its own level, so does the truth eventually surface and make itself known.”-C.T. Wicox

For people living at the beginning of the 21st century, the murder of an American President 144 years ago may seem a quaint subject, even irrelevant to modern study—a footnote to history and the final act of the bloody conflict called the “C

ivil War”. Moreover, because the accepted writ of historical “fact” credits a lone fanatical assassin as the perpetrator and ignores the larger context of both the war itself and the deeper issues of the America Republic of that period, few realize the sequence of history was dramatically altered—deliberately and methodically—by forces bent on nothing less than the complete immolation of human freedom.

Author and researcher, Charles Wilcox’ major premise lies in the significance of the man, Abraham Lincoln, and what he knew about the enemies of the American experiment and the cabal which emanated from the thrones of Europe’—animated by the quasi-religious military unit called the “Society of Jesus”. This is not “conspiracy theory”, but the facts and documented events which changed not just the future of the American state, but set into play the sequence of wars, economic intrigues, and ghastly genocides which are the substance of today’s current events.

The Historical “Smoking Gun”

Many significant works on the Jesuits have been written over the last 50 years connecting the Jesuits and the Vatican to global chicanery. Certainly in recent times Eric John Phelps’ “Vatican Assassins” has stirred more inquiry into the subject by investigators of parallel power structures

Readers of “Transformation…” may at first presume this is yet another historical survey of the Lincoln assassination colored by a conspiratorial bent or, perhaps, the fruits of  another historical review—nothing is farther from the truth! Lest one assume this is more “Catholic bashing”—suspend judgment long enough to read the evidence.

Wilcox wastes no time in bringing the goods to the table. In chapter one he presents documents, never before published, which in the jargon of the modern press demonstrate “what they knew and when they knew it…”: an historical smoking gun that fills in crucial gaps in the narrative of the plot to murder President Lincoln—it connects the dots of a conspiracy long suppressed by deliberate historical revisionism.

The Roots of Modern Conflict and the Masters of War

“Transformation…”, while historically significant for the new research and documents also serves to summarize for the reader the entire Jesuit tableau: from the inception of the order by Ignatius Loyola in 1541, its vows and oaths; the bloody trail of deceits and treacheries it spawned across Europe; its influences on the Third Reich of Hitler into its present day influences on American military incursions into the Middle East.

The book provides a structure by which readers may assess the modern day state of education, especially in regards to history; how the media is constantly distorted to present a strategically pro-Vatican world-view; that the modern day “Protestant” Christian churches have been co-opted by the Vatican through its emissaries, the Jesuits, and led down the path of war and idolatry by the Catholic-led “Christian Right”.

Indeed, in many respects, we can see the outlines of prophecy in the details presented in “Transformation Of The Republic”. The words of Lincoln are themselves offered as a cautionary which, long obscured, have been nearly lost. For those who feel safer since the inauguration of President Obama—and the seeming exile of the religious right—we would note that Mr. Obama’s political mentor, Zbigniew Brzezinski ,is closely linked to Jesuit-inspired Opus Dei and Knights of Malta —both prominent players in the Vatican-Paneuropa theatre of operation. The template of history remains accurate!

‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”-George Santayana