WikiLeaks and Cyber War Predictions

by Randy Maugans
Wikileaks_logo.svgThe recent media furor over Wiki Leaks and it’s founder, Julian Assange reminded me that I had a prediction on the table regarding cyber wars. During last week’s cyber attacks on MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, and other major targets, cyber hackers acted in defiance of the global system and began a proactive defense of the WikiLeaks, slamming  servers once believed impenetrable.:

Pro-WikiLeaks hackers may be hard for U.S. to pursue – NEW YORK | Fri Dec 17, 2010-a group of Internet activists working under the name Operation Payback claimed responsibility for the attacks, which briefly shut down the websites of several companies that had cut off services to WikiLeaks after the whistleblower organization last month made public a massive trove of secret U.S. diplomatic cables.
“WikiLeaks’ Next Target: Bank of America?” The New York Times.  December 2, 2010.

This article was posted to the Threshing Floor Blog on October 23, 2009—a full year before the WikiLeaks inspired attacks.  The cyber wars are just beginning

By Randy Maugans ? October 23, 2009 ?

I predict one of the great wars of the near-future will be tech wars on the web.

hackers08… Poland, the Ukraine, the former Soviet satellite states all hold untold numbers of young, tech-savvy ex-patriates who hack, crack, and exploit for the sheer joy of confounding and infuriating their counterparts in the military, intelligence, and industrial-financial systems.
These “cyber-kids” hold no allegiance to any government, any currency, or laws—national or international. They use the system’s assets to their own advantage and are often scouted for their prowess with network security holes. An entire generation of young people—raised on technology in the volatile political climate of Eastern Europe—are the recruiting grounds for the REAL “Info Wars”—wars where the ability to game sophisticated networks, hack complex software, and manipulate encryption will be key to “liberating” hard assets like money, food, munitions, electrical power, and battle-winning data.

Tech Wars I-”Enviro-Fraud” Exposed

Hacker scandal sends ripples through climate-science community

Recall that I have predicted that hackers would become key players in the tech wars? (see- “Perplexity” The Threshing Floor Radio Show-November 12, 2009 and Tech Wars: The near-future battle For the internets). I view this as a prophetic event, and part of YAHWEH’s work to uncover works of darkness.

hackersClimate change, and all the euphemisms (global warming, and previously the “new ice age”) are all part of the eugenics movement to control, tax, impede, and ultimately fulfill the edicts of the Georgia Guidestones, which are just the monolithic renderings of the work which sprung from the work of Sir Francis Galton and the Second International Eugenics Conference of 1921, which mandated scientists to pursue agenda- defined, outcome-based research. While eugenics waned in popularity after WWII, the climate change tactics, formulated in the late 1960′s as the “environmental movement”, use the exact same tactics. (see Global warming: The new eugenics).

The exposure of the fraud, and supression of opposing research by the well-funded scientists at Climate Research Unit (CRU) at East Anglia University (UK) and their symbiotic colleagues around the globe at well-heeled universities comes at a time when the world’s leaders are heading to Copenhagen to attempt another “global climate agreement” under the cloud of rapidly growing skepticism. This “timely” release of emails threw open the doors to well deserved public skepticism of the “global warming” model long the darling of Al Gore, Mikael Gorbechev, and the UN.

Cheers to the “black hat” hackers:  Phil Jones, CRU, and the guys at RealClimate produce the most commonly cited papers “proving” that current warming is historically unprecedented. However, they refuse to share their data with critics (in violation of scientific principles). Their biggest critic is Steve McIntyre at ClimateAudit, who has been trying for years to get the data, including most recently, using the Freedom of Information Act (FOI).

This current act is just a glimpse into the coming wars in cyberspace…


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