The Dwelling Place of Demons

Take the time to read this…pass it on to your “church friends”…this is the same warning we at Threshing Floor have shouted for over seven years. You do not have much more time. The churches are mind control hives and a death trap. Thanks to Pete for breaking it out in detail!

The Dwelling Place of Demons

From: Truth In Scripture

2 Thessalonians 2:7 For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.

“We are way past the great falling away as great apostasy has taken hold in modern-day church circles.”

The true church has come out and is coming out of Babylon as the Spirit of God moves in greater power in preparation for the return of the King.  The God that most “Christians” now worship is the image of the beast, or Satan that is spoken about in Revelation 13.  Labels and forms of godliness and religion to not point to the real Jesus.  Dying to self and carrying a cross points to the real Jesus. Nobody fears this false Jesus that allows you to stay in your flesh and serve God while you simultaneously serve other gods and hold idols in your heart.  This is the evidence one has the mark of the beast.  This mark on either your hand (sinful deeds) or your forehead (mind focused on lusts of the world) ,  indicates one walks after the flesh and is focused on self (“I, Me, My”) and the passions and desires of the flesh.  Those with the Mark do not belong to Jesus Christ,  they are tares, fake Christians with forms of godliness.  Read the rest of the article

Boots On the Ground…Spiritual Soldiers

Scott Sepanek is a retired Marine and runs the website We spoke with Scott on the Watchmen Live webcast Saturday night and his insights into the role of the “Spiritual Soldier” are most interesting:

By the way, being a watchman is a very lonely job. I can remember in the Marines that at night when everyone else was sleeping (huge metaphor) your mission was to give the alarm in case of impending danger as the “fire watch”. Oddly enough even though it was quite lonely duty, it was also a time when you did your best thinking (what now amounts to praying).
The night denotes darkness (spiritual). Babylon denotes the anti-Christ world system that right now is spinning out of control. It has fallen once and it will fall again.

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