The Dwelling Place of Demons

“We are way past the great falling away as great apostasy has taken hold in modern-day church circles.” -

Take the time to read this…pass it on to your “church friends”…this is the same warning we at Threshing Floor have shouted for over seven years. You do not have much more time. The churches are mind control hives and a death trap. Thanks to Pete for breaking it out in detail! Continue reading

Tuscon Shooter and the “Randomness Effect”

Stringing together the long list of “coincidences” in so-called “random acts of violence” soon becomes a game of kamikaze jigsaw puzzle. Randomness by no means equals unplanned. The recent Tuscon shooting has imprints of both MkUltra and Satanic ritual events…always ask: what connect the dots? Understand the mystical matrix orchestrates media intensive focus…what ELSE is going on? what message is being sent? Inconsequential operatives become integral parts of the ongoing trauma-based conditioning of the masses. Randomness, so-called, is merely a ruse for the REAL picture…the message embeds in the public conscience. Continue reading

Getting Closer…To The Collapse

I am not one to trumpet my own predictions…I make some that do not come due, but when I see patterns emerge that coincide with a view I have firmly pronounced, it is worth noting because we are now slipping closer to another chapter in the prophetic time line. this news article is ominous as Schuller’s Cathederal is “ground zero for the modern-day psycho-babble “prosperity gospel”. I post this after this news emerged yesterday, October 19, 2010: “Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral Declares Bankruptcy” Continue reading

The Oil and the Wine

I’ve been thinking of the BP Oil Spill In the Gulf of Mexico:

We are drawn by events to see into what is occurring in the spirit realm, the causative realm from which unfolds all things under heaven:

Spiritually, Revelation 6:6 comes to mind:
“And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.”
This is the 3rd seal and it speaks to a time of FAMINE, DEFLATION OF MONEY…but in the midst is a preservation…a command that certain measures not be “hurt” …Judgment is equilibrium—a balancing of accounts in the spirit, which transfers into the realm of the physical plane. The oil and the wine are symbols with dual streams of fulfillment..they are metaphors of judgment, gathering together and scattering…they represent ELEMENTS in the Spirit which picture God’s ongoing fulfillment of HIS will in the earth realm. Continue reading

Census Accelerated: Advance Team For The Tyrant?

This is not your Momma’s census: some practical tips on dealing with census workers who are taking not only Constitutionally mandated data—but GPS location data—AND inspecting the premises for hidden quarters. The criminal regime of “Democratic” leftists that grabbed power in 2008, have reconfigured the program to funnel the new census data directly to the White House.

Continue reading

Martyrs by Scott Sepanek

Evil for its part is very intuitive and adapts with the times continually trying to achieve its goal to destroy true Christianity. It will not and has not succeeded. It is an eternal spiritual battle that plays out on the physical canvas of life…Satan has learned his craft well. He has harmonized and homogenized Christianity with the empire “system”. Whatever any of you do – do not take any of the flu vaccination. Do not let your children be vaccinated either. You have no idea what is coming. And you so-called pastors of State sanctioned Churches – do not let your establishments be used as human collection points. You have been warned. Ezekiel 33:6
Scott Sepanek Continue reading

Book Review: “Temple At The Center Of Time”

David Flynn has been a fixture on the stage of crypto-Christian research for over fifteen years, cutting a wide path in exploring mystical and occult themes from the perspective of the Bible, appearing in numerous videos on YouTube and popping up at UFO conventions in support of his 2002 book, “Cydonia: The Secret Chronicles of Mars”.

“Temple At The Center Of Time” is slightly more Earth-bound—but not much, and far more grandiose in its reach toward tying together the disparate parts of his reaching studies into the mystic. None of that would be bad IF Flynn were better grounded in doctrine—He is not—and more consistent in both his scientific facts and the prophetic “projections” he attempts to hammer out of a cornucopia of of quasi-scientific data. The book is hopelessly confusing.

Worse: rather than go to scripture for his core validations, Flynn pulls into his sphere of influence the dubious “Book of Enoch”, the Babylonian Talmudic texts, and the Apocryphal Book of Second Maccabees along with assorted pseudipigraphal writings—and, for good measure, a citation from the equidistant letter spacing “Bible Code” software! Continue reading

Scott Sepanek: The Coming Storms

The storms are coming and the decisions have been made. When the rains come crashing down, it will be too late. The door to the ark will have been shut. God did say he will never send another flood however; the flood that Matthew 24 references, is a metaphor (flood) and unless you have the proper spiritual eyewear on, it will be too late. Continue reading